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Alarm systems Calgary

We are Secure247, your go-to alarm systems installers in Calgary

At Secure247 we are dedicated to providing you with the best alarm systems in Calgary the market has to offer. Our solution will satisfy your needs for commercial or residential application. The intention with an alarm system is to provide additional security to your premises. Our Calgary alarm systems are chosen as the most user friendly systems for ease of use, which may be integrated with a phone application. An alarm system with Secure247 provides peace of mind by deterring break-ins, and knowing the appropriate police response will take place if needed. Rest assured Secure247 will be there for your regular maintenance, we recommend your system gets tested at least once a year, and to replace batteries if needed. In the case you have an existing alarm system, a full installation may not be needed, this will keep your cost low without compromising on quality!

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    matin abd
    matin abd
    Had a security and camera system installed by Secure247 recently and could not be any happier with the service and quality of the installation.Very professional and knowledgable about the different products and which one would be the best for my unit. Communication was key and installation went quicker and smoother than i expected.
    Roni Dubrovich
    Roni Dubrovich
    Can’t say enough great things about his service, went out of his way to go the extra mile and even came back a couple times to do some small add ons! Would highly recommend and his pricing for quality does not get beat!
    jacob edri
    jacob edri
    Very professional. He went above and beyond for my system installation.

    Looking for security services in Calgary?

    Full security with alarm systems in the Calgary area

    To begin your path in acquiring Calgary alarm systems with Secure247 we must first understand the areas of protection you would like achieved. The most effective way to ensure a smooth installation and establishment of monitoring, is to have a professional from Secure247 meet with you on site to discuss your options, and provide professional assessment. For a new alarm system installation in Calgary, we will assess the perimeter protection you wish to achieve and provide the best solution for your needs. This may include a mix of door/window contacts, motion sensors, glass break sensors, smoke & CO detectors, etc. Existing alarm systems in Calgary may require mild inspection before proceeding with final take-over installation. A method of communication will need to be established. This may include the use of a phone line if preferred and possible, or the use of a Wi-Fi or GSM cellular communicator.

    Your top choice for modern alarm systems in Calgary

    Once we have successfully installed your security alarm system in Calgary, you will know how to use your new alarm system with ease. Our monitoring station, Dickson Security, serve reliable monitoring ensuring the contact list is arranged along with the appropriate emergency response. Secure247 takes pride in providing the best system tutorials to ensure all users are aware of how to use the alarm system. Feel free to ask any questions at this time. After the installation, Secure247 remains proactive in addressing your needs and services in a timely manner. We understand that a functioning alarm system is crucial for your security, and our team is committed to ensuring that your system operates seamlessly. Regular check-ins and prompt responses to any inquiries contribute to the overall reliability and effectiveness of the security measures we've put in place for you in Calgary.