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At Secure247, we believe home security in Calgary is an important concern for homeowners. With a rising crime rate, it has become essential for residents to take necessary measures to safeguard their homes and families. Calgary has several options for home security systems, including wired and wireless systems, cameras, and alarms. At Secure247, we offer 24-hour monitoring services, which can provide added peace of mind. Some systems also have home automation features, allowing homeowners to control their home security system remotely via a smartphone or tablet. In addition to technology-based solutions, there are other steps homeowners can take to improve home security, such as ensuring all doors and windows are locked, installing outdoor lighting, and trimming bushes and trees to eliminate potential hiding spots. With the right combination of security measures, homeowners can help protect their homes and loved ones from potential threats with home security in Calgary.

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    matin abd
    matin abd
    Had a security and camera system installed by Secure247 recently and could not be any happier with the service and quality of the installation.Very professional and knowledgable about the different products and which one would be the best for my unit. Communication was key and installation went quicker and smoother than i expected.
    Roni Dubrovich
    Roni Dubrovich
    Can’t say enough great things about his service, went out of his way to go the extra mile and even came back a couple times to do some small add ons! Would highly recommend and his pricing for quality does not get beat!
    jacob edri
    jacob edri
    Very professional. He went above and beyond for my system installation.

    Looking for security services in Calgary?

    Secure247 for best home security systems in Calgary

    To get a home security system with Secure247, homeowners will need to follow a few simple steps. Firstly, they will need to contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced technicians. During this consultation, our technician will assess the Calgary home security needs and recommend a system that suits the homeowner's requirements and budget. Once the system has been selected, the technician will provide a detailed quote for the installation and monitoring services. If the homeowner agrees to the quote, we will schedule a date and time to proceed with the installation process, which typically involves placing sensors and cameras in strategic locations around the house and configuring the system to ensure it is working correctly. After the installation, Secure247 offers 24/7 monitoring services, providing peace of mind knowing that trained professionals are monitoring the home for any potential security breaches. Homeowners can also opt to control their security system remotely through a smartphone or tablet, giving them even greater control over their Calgary home security.

    Home security installers in Calgary for your safety & peace of mind

    Having a home security in Calgary installed by Secure247 provides homeowners with several benefits. Firstly, it can significantly increase the safety and security of the home, deterring potential burglars and intruders from attempting to break in. The system typically includes cameras and motion sensors and contacts that can detect any suspicious activity and alert the homeowner and the monitoring center. In the event of a break-in or emergency, the monitoring center will notify the authorities and provide them with the necessary information to respond quickly. Homeowners can also remotely control their security system through a smartphone or tablet, giving them greater control over their home's security (Cellular Communication Required). Additionally, having a home security system can potentially lower home insurance premiums, as insurance companies often offer discounts for homes with comprehensive security systems. Overall, having a home security system installed by Secure247 can provide peace of mind and improve the safety and security of the home and its occupants.